Marshmallows, meringues & zephyr… Bite-sized candy clouds sprinkled with sugar powder are so tempting: take just one more piece! The soft colours of these airy saccharine treats inspired us to create a new gel polish collection!


The colour palette of the new Marshmallow range consists of nine sweet pastel tones: cheerful, sunny vanilla and peachy hues are combined with lilac pinks and fresh greens. These light, white-based shades complement each other perfectly and are great not only for classic manicures but also for all kinds of nail designs – for example, in ombré technique. Smooth texture of these gel polishes makes them very easy to apply in one or two coats.


More air, more light, more life! Soft neutral colours bring the unique sensation of freedom, cleanliness and weightlessness – that’s why they will never go out of fashion. And these are exactly the kind of shades we’ve chosen for our two new gel polish collections!


The Calm range features eleven muted, earthy tones: from sand beiges and taupes to sage greens and sky blues. These tender natural shades complement each other perfectly and are great not only for classic manicures but also for all kinds of nail designs – for example, in ombré technique. Smooth texture of these gel polishes makes them very easy to apply in one or two coats.

Step Exclusive Pink


Pink is not just a colour. It’s a symbol of femininity in all shapes and forms: modest and extravagant, visionary and ambitious, sensual and strong. Barbie, bubble gum, strawberry milkshake, cyclamen no matter what shade you choose, the wonderful energy of this colour will surely bring you a burst of confidence and good mood.


Just in time for the new season, the Step In Style Color Gel Polish collection welcomes six new limited pink shades (№43-48), ranging from soft pastels to vibrant berry tones.

Стемпинг Nude

There’s no such thing as too many good stamping polishes!


There are six new pigmented nude shades in the Dance Legend Stamping range: cocoa & chocolate browns, terracotta, coral, baby pink and greige. The polishes are very opaque and show up well on any base shade – light or dark. The texture spreads evenly over the plate, filling in even the smallest details and thinnest lines and is easy to pick up with the stamp and transfer to the nail.


Use polishes alone for classic one-colour stamping or mix them together for smooth ombrè and complex reverse stamping designs.

Step Magnetic Top Milky Way

To see the Milky Way in great detail, you need to prepare well: get a telescope, wait for the right season and clear sky, get out of town and then you can enjoy it! Or you can create it on your nails and admire the out-of-this-world glow when you please.


If the second option is more up your alley, Step In Style Colour Magnetic Milky Way gel polish top coat will come in handy. Its clear base is filled with finely milled silver particles, which form a gorgeous star trail upon contact with a magnet, and larger scattered holo flakes for a unique cosmic glow. The top coat doesn’t have a sticky layer.


There’s a magnet with a “wave” pattern hidden in the cap of the product, as well as an instruction manual, allowing you to achieve the desired result with ease.



The city is filled with air and sunlight. The streets are washed with morning dew and wonderfully quiet. It’s a perfect moment to open your windows, breathe in, enjoy the clear sky, catch the last rays of dawn on the clouds and sense the tranquility.

The Fleur collection consists of 6 pastel nail polishes, each filled with particles of delicate micro shimmer creating a lit-from-within effect. The palette includes bleached, airy tones: fresh shades of budding leaves and morning skies are combined with milky beige and pink.

Binary Весна 2021

We’re all so alike but so different at the same time! A thin scar brings childhood memories, there’s no other like it. A birthmark so small that it’s almost invisible – ask your loved ones about it and they’ll point to it with their eyes closed. Delicate wrinkles and fine lines are remnants of thousands of smiles. Freckles, dimples, a rebellious strand of hair on your temple: these small features, just like paint strokes, fall into place to create a one-of-a-kind living masterpiece.

The new Binary nail polish shades are also different in their own way. Each one of them is filled with contrasting shimmer – a myriad of miniscule particles merge into a thin, airy veil, creating an illusion of depth and making each manicure truly unique. The colour palette includes six feminine shades (LE43-48), ranging from bright raspberry pink and brick red to pastel pinks and a soft lavender. The formula provides gel-like finish and maximum longevity without a UV-lamp.

Топ Poly Shine с блёстками


Шесть декоративных финишных покрытий для гель-лака с мерцающими частицами позволят придать маникюру эффектный глянцевый блеск и неповторимое сияние. Формула без липкого слоя защищает маникюр от царапин и сколов, а также придает дополнительную прочность покрытию.